The calendar is subject to change so please check the details haven't changed before booking on.

Also, sometimes we need to book accommodation in advance. If you book on a trip but fail to attend you may still be liable for the cost of your accommodation.

All trip details will be finalised on the forum.


 17th January                                  Pub Meet

 22nd January                        Laning -   Stalybridge to Holmfirth

 17th - 19th February             Laning -   North Yorkshire Moors

 21st February                     Pub Meet

 17th - 19th March              Laning -    Betws-y-Coed

 21st March                                       Pub Meet

 14th - 17th April                 Easter Camp (No Laning)

 18th April                            Pub Meet 

 16th May                              Pub Meet

 19th-21st May                    Laning - Kington

 21st June                             Pub Meet

 24th June- 1st Jul               Laning - Devon/ Dorset

 18th July                              Pub Meet

 21st - 23rd July                  Laning - North Wales family weekend

 15th August                           Pub Meet  

 18th - 20th August               Laning - Northumberland

 19th September                    Pub Meet

  22nd - 24th September       Laning - Warwickshire

 17th October                          Pub Meet

 20th -22nd October              Laning - Lake District

 21st November                    Pub Meet

 24th - 26th November         Laning - Llangollen

 27th December                     Christmas Beer Walk (Manchester)