We don't wish to preach, but sometimes it needs to be made apparent the basic requirements of an 'off roader'.

     After a couple of minor incidents in the past - one where a towing point failed quite catastrophically, and a second where a 4x4 turned up to green lane on road tyres and did nothing but get stuck. We need to make a point.

 A vehicle must be equipped to a basic standard, it must have at the very least -

  1. M+S Tyres.
  2. Suitable tow points- rear AND front.                  
  3. A good towrope - preferably two.  
  4. A C.B.
  5. And absolutely essential - breakdown cover.  

 Also preferable, but not essential.

  1. A high lift jack.
  2. A roll bar.
  3. Basic spares.                               

 There are many other things that a competent off roader should carry but we won't bore you with them. Live and learn!